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What's the difference between real leather and microfiber leather?

May. 07 , 2024

Nowadays, microfiber leather has been widely used  for  all kinds of fields, and it has become the best ideal alternative of real leather. Then people may ask which is better? And what is the difference between microfiber leather and real leather? Loot at here,we are willing to  give a detailed introduction .


Microfiber leather is the abbreviation of microfiber reinforced PU leather. It is a kind of microfiber as raw material, first through combing, needling and other processes, so that the non-woven fabric has a three-dimensional structure, and then through wet processing, PU resin impregnation, grinding, dyeing, processing into microfiber wipes, and finally high-performance PU and microfiber wipes composite bonding into microfiber leather.

Real leather is also known as natural leather, as the name suggests, real leather is made from the processing of skin peeled off from animals . The more common types of real leather are cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin etc .


 1, The Appearance.

Microfiber leather has consistant surface,no defeact,no holes,no flawa on the surface,so the utilization rate of microfiber leather is much higher than that of real leather

2, The weight.

Microfiber leather is usually  30% lighter than real  leather.  

3, The smell.

Real leather is tanned from animal skin, so it is inevitable that there will be an odor. If the processing of formaldehyde and heavy metals exceed the standard, the leather will often have an irritating smell.On the contrary , microfiber leather basically doesnt have this kind of bad smell .

4, The performance.

Physical :Microfiber leather has better physical performance than real leather,such as more wear-resistant,breathable, aging resistance,  anti hydrolysis ,water resistant,anti UV, anti stains etc.

  • Chemical:  In acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance and other aspects of chemical properties

  • Microfiber leather service life is up to 4-5 years, sometimes may longer time . 

  • Relatively speaking, real leather is more comfortable and breathable,  microfiber leather can not be compared for the time being. 

5, Environmental protection.

Compared with real leather, microfiber leather is more Eco- friendly, can pass REACH test standard ,microfiber leather usually has 30%-50% recyclable material polyamide as the production raw material, Microfiber leather is also known as sustainable leather.

6, The price.

Real leather is more expensive than microfiber leather, and the price of real  leather will fluctuate due to the changes in supply and demand.

However, some high-end microfiber leather's cost  is higher than real leather due to its high technical content, and such high-end applications of microfiber leather are often more expensive than real leather.


Microfiber leather is very close to  real leather in terms of conventional properties and morphological structure. So it is  hard to give a definitive conclusion about which is better, but we can choose a more appropriate one based on our usage and requirements.

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