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The manufacturing procedure of microfiber leather materials

Jan. 05 , 2024

We all know about the microfiber leather, but do you  know the manufacturing procedure of microfiber leather ? 

Well, let me tell you .The procedure of manufacturing microfiber leather  including several steps. Here is a brief process of the microfiber leather :

  1. Raw  materials:First,the microfiber leather material is mabe by mixing polyester and nylon fibers together.Then spun  this mixture into a fine thread together with woven into a fabric .

  2. Prepare base materials:Then ,the microfiber fabric  is treated with various of chemicals ,to make it more durable,resistant to wear&tear. .

  3. Past Coating: After the  base materials prepared,it is coated with a layer of  polyurethane.This coating gives the fabric its leather-like  appearance and texture,good hand feels . 

  4. Embossing&surface coating: The microfiber leather is embossed with a texture(pattern)here we use embossing roller which has texture on the roller,you can regard as a mould,texture on the roller will be transfered into the surface of microfiber leather,then we can get all kinds of different textures.After that,we will do surface treatment,like adjust color or printing some drawings on the surface.

  5. Finishing:Finally, the microfiber leather is finished with additional chemicals to make it water resistant and stain-proof.This makes it earier to clean and maintain over time,

    All in all,the procedure of munufacturing microfiber leather is complex,but results in a high quality leather  materials that is more sustainable and cost- effective than traditional leather.With its so many  advantages ,it is no wonder that microfiber leather has become a popular trend among people. 

The manufaturing  procedure of microfiber  leather materials

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